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  • Industrial Tote Services is an Intermediate Bulk Container reconditioning company. We carry an ongoing supply of reconditioned Schutz and Mauser totes. Totes and IBCs are sold in sizes of 275 gallon and 330 gallon, and feature pallet and valve options to meet your container specifications.
  • With over a decade of industry experience, Industrial Tote Services is committed to supplying our customers with quality products and reliable services.
    • Here at Industrial Tote, we are committed to improving and simplifying your supply chain. Our efficient inventory control practices coupled with our commitment to reduced lead times has made us one of the most efficient and reliable container suppliers in the industry.  

    Contact us at Industrial Tote Services today for an ongoing supply of reconditioned Schutz/Schuetz, Mamor, and Clawson Totes and IBCs as well as tote valves, tote mixers, tote accessories and Re-manufactured totes. 

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